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Best Home EV Car Chargers in Scotland

If you’re in the market for a new electric car or plugin hybrid, you’ll also be considering which EV Charger to buy. At Voltix we have a great range of choice, but which is the best ev charger that is eligible for the grants in Scotland? 

The question should be; which ev charger fits my needs? This may be down to price, aesthetics, solar charging, tethered or untethered, small compact charger, colour, software functions and the earth rod requirement. 

To work this out we like to carry out a digital or home EV Charger audit where we look at your existing electrical supply, location of charger and the distance from fuse box. We’re also chat about Electric Cars, onboard charging, connection types and various charger options.

Comparison of some of the popular home ev chargers

Andersen EV Zappi Pod Point OHME Easee Wallbox
Charger Cost £995 £780 £549 £600 £795 £595
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Charge Rate(3) 7 & 22kW 7 & 22kW 7 & 22kW 3.7 & 7kW 7 & 22kW 7 & 22kW
Requires Earth Rod
Lockable With App With App Key Switch Required Key Switch Required With App With app
Type Tethered Type 2 only Type 2 Tethered & Untethered Type 1/2 Untethered Type 1/2 Tethered Untethered Tethered type 2
Cable Length 5.5/8.5 or 6.5 22kW 6.5 4.8/7.5 4.8 n/a 4.8
Solar Charging Optional Extra Standard No No No No
Client App Konnect + Myenergi Pod Point Ohme Easee MyWallbox
Colour Options Multiple Black/White Silver  Standard Black/Green Black/Red/ White/Blue Black/White
Load Management(5) Yes Yes Yes No Between Units Optional Extra
OLEV Smart Approved
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