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Best Home EV Car Chargers in Scotland

If you’re in the market for a new electric car or plugin hybrid, you’ll also be considering which EV Charger to buy. At Voltix we have a great range of choice, but which is the best ev charger that is eligible for the grants in Scotland? 

The question should be; which ev charger fits my needs? This may be down to price, aesthetics, solar charging, tethered or untethered, small compact charger, colour, software functions and the earth rod requirement. 

To work this out we like to carry out a digital or home EV Charger audit where we look at your existing electrical supply, location of charger and the distance from fuse box. We’re also chat about Electric Cars, onboard charging, connection types and various charger options.

Below are a comparison of some of Scotlands most popular home ev chargers

Ohme Home Pro Charger with Installation

Ohme Pro

Popular charger that works with Octopus Tarrifs


Want to use surplus solar? Choose a Zappi


Stylish, feature rich futuristic led display charger

Easee One

Superbly built EV Charger from Norway

Zaptec Go

Another superbly built Norwegian Charger


Unrivalled quality with 126 colour combinations

ohme epod ev charger

Ohme ePod

Compact untethered charger with Ohme POWER!

Pular Max

Excellent all-round home car charger

pod point solo 3 electric car charger installer

Pod Point

Well known charger with years of development

EO Mini Pro3 Charger Installation

EO Mini

Compact quality EV Charger with a range of colours

Tesla Wall Car Charger


Tesla Wall Connector EV Charger installation

Smart Lux

Indra's new EV Charger. Feature rich and stylish.

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