Energy Saving Trust Approved Installers near me


Voltix Electrical Services are an approved installer of Electric Vehicle Charge Points for the Energy Saving Trust. We are also approved by OLEV (The Office of Low Emission Vehicles) giving you a total grant of £650 off the purchase and installation of an EV Charger at home or workplace.

Our EST approved status can be verified by visiting the Energy Saving Trust Website:

The process of apply for this grant is at the very start. After you have discussed charger options with Voltix, you’ll receive home car charger recommendations and quotations from us. The quote you wish to go-ahead with is uploaded with your application to the EST and you’ll get a response within 8 working days.

Once your application has been approved, you’ll receive a reference code that you need to pass to Voltix to schedule in your install. On completion of the car charger installation you’ll receive an invoice stamped paid along with an electrical certificate. Both of these need to be submitted to the EST and upon approval you will receive your £300 cash back.



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