Andersen EV Charger Installation

Smart, Safe and Built for Life.

Andersen A2 Electric Car Charger

Home Chargers don’t have to be ugly! The stylish Andersen A2 EV charger installation point hides the integrated charging cable keeping everything neat and tidy.

This premium charger enhances the charging experience for the enthusiast electric vehicle drivers with optional 8.5m cable length, 22kW power and SMART controlled connectivity. Unrivalled aesthetics and pioneering technology are showcased perfectly in the Andersen A2.

The High Spec Andersen A2

The custom EVO flex cable is lightweight and highly flexible. It promises easy handling making the winding of the cable very easy.  

There’s a neat little light that illuminates the where the charge gun is holstered inside the charger and the whole unit is fully waterproof.

Highest level of protection

The Andersen A2 has fully integrated fault protection making this one of the safest chargers on the market. 

The PME (Pen fault) detection allows fo this charger to be installed without an earth rod. This reduces installation costs leave more room in your budget to spend on your charger.

Disclaimer: The installation of the Andersen A2 charger must be conducted by and electrician possessing the experience and necessary knowledge. Failing to adhere to this requirement may lead to serious injuries and fatalities. We recommend that you prioritise safety and entrust the installation of the Andersen EV Charging point Installation to a qualified professional.

Durable Colours Options


The Andersen A2 exterior metal panels are painted with a nylon-coated finish for durability while the hand finishing process ensures a smooth even colour. There’s also an eco timber option (front panel only) made from Accoya … a luxury timber that doesn’t rot.

Andersen EV Custom Charger Colours
Why Trust Voltix for your Andersen Car Charger Installation?

1. Safety is our top priority: Our installers are thoroughly screened and experienced to guarantee a safe installation. Whether you opt for Andersen A2 or any other car charger installation, we strictly adhere to industry best practices, manufacturer guidelines, and local regulations.

2. Save you time: From choosing the right charger, charging point, installation, and everything in between, you can trust our quality of work. We eliminate the need for extensive contractor research, getting multiple quotes, or hiring electricians, saving you valuable time and hassle.

3. Compatible chargers at your disposal: We prioritise chargers that offer both reliability. and value for money, perfectly suited for your installation location. Rest assured, all the chargers we install are fully compatible with today’s Eve and your charger installation needs.



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