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Local, 5 star trusted installers of EV Chargers in Stirling, Dunfermline, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow and Perth. Voltix provide and install all popular electric car chargers for home, holiday homes or at work.
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Home & Workplace EV Chargers


For all Makes of Electric Vehicles

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Quality Electric Car Chargers

We provide honest and independent advice on all available electric car chargers.

We’re trained and approved installers of all quality EV Chargers on the market today. Installing well known brands you may of heard of, including the Myenergi Zappi Charger, Ohme, Easee, Anderson A2, Wallbox Pulsar Plus, EO Mini Pro and the Hypervolt EV Charger.

£350 OFF

Are you eligible for the OZEV EV Charger Grant?

Eligibility checklist:

Voltix discount your installation £350 (OZEV Grant) and claim this back once the installation is completed.

OLEV approved installer Scotland

VOLTIX ARE OZEV Approved Installers

Voltix Home EV Charger Installer Edinburgh
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Electric Car Charging App
Smart Charging

Benefits of Smart Car Chargers

Some of the unique features:

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To start the process we just need a few details so that we can identify the right electric car chargers that fit your needs and calculate the installation cost. 

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