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Local, family run, 5 star trusted Electric Car EV Charger installers in Scotland covering; Dunfermline, Glasgow, Stirling, Edinburgh, Falkirk and Perthshire. Voltix EV Chargers is the trusted advisor and car charger installation partner to thousands of EV drivers like you. We ensure every EV Charger is installed to the highest standard!

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Installing the Best Home Electric Car Chargers

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Easee Car Charger Installation
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Choosing your EV Charger

We're a family run business providing honest, independent advice, supply and installation of EV Chargers.

Don’t settle for slow charging or poorly set up systems. Experience the difference with Voltix! We pride ourselves on being the best home EV charger installers who prioritise customer needs. By carefully assessing site electrical demands, we deliver a superior charger and installation experience that are right for your needs and location.

Well known brands we install include the Myenergi Zappi EV Charger, Ohme, Easee, Anderson, Wallbox, EO Mini and the Hypervolt EV Charger. Plus, every installation is backed by trained professionals who ensure full compliance with all legislation, giving you peace of mind and a hassle-free experience.

How it works?

At Voltix, we go the extra mile for our customers. From initial inquiry to after-installation support, and every step in between- our turnkey EV chargers installation services ensure unmatched quality and seamless customer experience. 

  1. Assessment: For a streamlined Installation process, we kick-start with a Digital Site Survey. For electric car charger installation at home, simply answer a few questions and provide a couple of photos. For commercial installation, we may conduct a physical site survey due to the complexity involved.
  1. Expert Recommendations: Based on your electric system in place, charger location, and EV, we recommend the best chargers
  1. Detailed Estimates: Receive a detailed quotation for supply and installation, including cable routing and any additional work. We’ll also guide you through potential home EV charger grants and the claim process to maximise your benefits.
  1. Professional Installations: Our seamless installation process is guaranteed, with our team of qualifications and years of experience in installing a range of electric vehicle chargers. As EV charger installation specialists we carefully listen to our customer’s needs, review electrical demands, and tailor the charger and installation to perfection. Our service reviews speak for themselves with a 5-star rating across Trustpilot and Google.
  1. Enjoy a Comprehensive Handover! Once the installation is completed, we provide a thorough handover, including app setup, demonstration, and addressing any questions about charging electric cars. Your satisfaction and understanding are our top priorities.
Home EV Charger Grants

Cut Your Home & Workplace Charging Costs

Embrace the benefits of going electric! To drive sustainability and enhance grid management, goverments and utilities nationwide are incentivising EV adoption. We are also approved by the Energy Saving Trust and Office of Zero Emission  Vehicles enabling our customers to take advantage of EV charger grants for both home and workplace installations. Join the movement towards a greener and more efficient future!

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Benefits of Smart EV Chargers

Some of the unique features:

EV Charger Installers


Searching for ‘EV car charger installers near me’ or in Dunfermline? Let Voltix simplify your car charger installation experience. Getting started is easy! 

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