Workplace EV Chargers

Install Ev Charging Point At Workplace for an eco-friendly commute

bmw i3 workplace charging

Voltix provides efficient Workplace Ev Charger Installation that is suitable for your business.

When considering a Chargepoint for your workplace the specifications can sometimes get quite complex. On the other hand, it may be a single charger required and the specification can be similar to a home install. For some businesses, Workplace Electric Car Charger Installers are needed that can manage access control, payment options, load management, and more. 


A great choice for small businesses

The Zappi can manage up to 3 Zappi's connected to each other sharing the available supply to the EV Charging circuit. If your premises also has solar your Workplace Ev Charging Station Installation can benefit from FREE surplus solar energy.

Pedestals are also available for parking spaces that do not have a wall to fix the chargers to.

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Made for 3 phase.

The Easee Workplace charger really thrives in the workplace as this charger is robust and smart enough to manage the most complex installations.

Pedestals for holding a single or 4 Easee chargers are also available.

Easee dot colours

Discuss Workplace Ev Charging Point Installation

To start the process we just need a few details so that we can identify the right chargers that fit your business requirements. This can be done digitally (e.g. email) or you can book a site visit if you prefer to go through it face-to-face

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