Easee Home EV Chargers


An intelligent, powerful and secure charger.

Easee Home Charger

Easee has simplified everything that can be simplified. The result is a beautiful and discreet charger for your home with unparalleled technology that has the environment at the in mind.

The Easee charging robot will take a place in the power grid of the future and act as smart electricity valve. This is premium EV charger at a competitive price, where all you have to think about is the colour of the unit.

The Easee Home Charger...

Easee Home is intelligent and adapts to all electric vehicles, power supplies and mains. When your family is ready to purchase additional EVs you’ll have peace of mind that this charger will adapt and perform all of your electric cars.


No Wifi coverage? No problem. The Easee Home Charger has built in 4G coverage so when your Wifi is down or doesn’t reach the charger location this charger will still communicate with the Easee App.

5 Colours options

Choice of Charger Colours



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