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Simple, intelligent, genius!

OHME EV Charger

The Ohme EV Wall Charger is a tethered charger. When choosing this charger it’s all about it’s software capabilities. 

The clever but simple App helps calculate how much power you’ll need for your next journey and then charges your vehicle to the right amount, at the cheapest price saving you money.

This does require you to be with, or be thinking of moving your Energy Tariff to an off-peak one!


The Ohme Way 
to Charger...

Wallbox has a unique ‘brainbox’ which talks to the App and which finds the cheapest electricity from your off-peak energy company such as Octopus Energy (Agile or Go).

When electricity is expensive the App tells the charger to pause charging and soon as the price drops it resumes. 

This can be overridden should you need to charge at full power in hurry no matter the cost!


One of the unique benefits of the Ohme EV Charger is that it has built in 4G coverage. 

This means that the charger can be located anywhere on your property without worrying about the Wifi coverage as a good connection is essential to a smart charger.

Play the video above to find out why EVM went for the Ohme EV Wall Charger.



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