pulsar plus car charger

Pulsar +

Small, Tethered EV Charger at a great price.


The Pulsar’s small compact size at just 166mm by 163mm, makes it a great charger for locations with limited wall space. Also there is no sacrifice in performance as this charger has a charging capacity of up to 7.4kW on a common home single phase supply.

This charger has really leaped in demand due it’s built in PME fault detection that eliminates the need for an earth rod. This reduces installation cost considerably making it one worth looking at due to the value for money.

Wallbox's Pulsar Plus Charger...

Wallbox is one of the world’s largest charge point manufacturers. Their Pulsar Plus makes charging easy … simply plug in and charge. The charger’s LED light color indicates the charging status.

The tethered cable come as a Type 2 or Type 1, however if your electric car requires a Type 1 we recommend choosing an untethered charger to future proof your EV charger installation.


The Pulsar + can be controlled by the MyWallbox App through Wifi or Bluetooth. The App allows you to set the charger power to the electric car aswell as locking the charger and scheduling charge sessions.

White or Black?

Wallbox Pulsar plus white black



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