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Pod Point car charging

Pod Point Charger Installation

A Popular EV Charger that's made in the UK

The Pod Point EV Charger is compatible with all makes of electric and plug-in hybrid cars. To keep things simple there are two 7kW options for this home charger (Tethered or Untethered). 

Once the point point universal charger installation is done, it pairs with the Pod Point App and automatically power balances your home electrical usage to protect your main fuse.

Important:  The Pod Point EV chargers are designed to be safe and free of risk. But the catch is that it needs to be professionally installed, used, and maintained in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. Moreover, the installation must be carried out only by competent electrical installers who carry out their services in compliance with all national and local regulations applicable at the time of installation. Failure to adhere to these requirements may lead to potential hazards and risks. Ensure the safety of your installation by partnering with dependable Pod Point charger installation home or workplace.

Here is how the installation process looks like at Voltix

  1. We will ask you to fill up a Digital Site Survey to provide a streamlined installation process. A physical site survey may be needed for commercial installations.
  2. Prior to providing you with a quotation, we assess your needs, review your onsite electrical demand and tailor the installation.
  3. In a detailed quotation, we will enlist everything like cable routing and any additional work. Also, check if you are eligible for EV charger grants for charge point installation.
  4. Upon appointment, the Pod point home charger installation is completed. Also, we offer a demonstration, app setup, and answering your queries.
  5. Plug-in, charge, and drive- Happy Motoring!
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Pod Point Home Charger - Fully Charged Interview...

Pod Point are based and established in the UK. The company is one of the key EV companies that paved the way to how we charge electric cars. Checkout Fully Charged’s conversation with Erik Fairbairn, the CEO of Pod Point. 



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